What On Earth Colloquium

S  E  C  O  N  D

wHAT on earth

6 - 7    M  A  R  C  H     2  0  1  8
T  E    P  A  P  A   -  W  E  L  L  I  N  G  T  O  N    -    N  E  W    Z  E  A  L  A  N  D

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The attendees at the What on Earth Colloquium identified a number of actions which we could take together as a community to develop Earth observation in New Zealand. In the months following the event the partners have worked together to take forward some of these actions. 

Cawthron Institute was commissioned to undertake a stocktake of existing activities and organisations in the area of Earth observation. Many attendees at the event assisted this study by providing details on their own work and priorities. 

The partners have also completed proposal for a New Zealand Earth Observation Group.

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New Zealand Earth Observation Group

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Rafael Kargen at CSST is coordinating the establishment of the group and will be back in touch with you in the New Year.

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About this colloquium

There are huge potential economic and environmental gains to be made for New Zealand from applications and tools produced using Earth observation satellite data.  At this exciting time in the development of the NZ Space sector, this colloquium will:

  • Profile leading edge New Zealand and International projects with industry and state sector applications
  • Bring together people from a wide range of sectors with an interest in Earth Observation data to network and innovate
  • Lay the groundwork for the creation of an Earth observation industry organisation or community
  • Agree on the foundation principles for a ten year Earth observation strategy for New Zealand

Who should attend?

  • Industry users of land information, including agriculture, forestry, power generation, infrastructure and resource management, particularly business development, R&D and strategic managers
  • Space industry organisations with a focus on satellite and earth observation data
  • Policy makers and agencies with responsibility for environmental management, climate change, primary industries, civil infrastructure, disaster management, defence and related portfolios
  • Research and technical specialists
  • Big data and machine learning specialists

Registrations have now closed.

For any enquiries relating to the Colloquium, please contact

Adina McDowell
Email: Adina@venturesouthland.co.nz