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Dr Robert Woodcock

Dr Robert Woodcock is a Research Scientist and Consultant in Earth Data and  Analytics, at the CSIRO. He is responsible for a portfolio of activities involving national spatial data infrastructure and earth observation data analysis and integration platforms. His team’s portfolio has seen national application in Australian Industry and Government including the AuScope geoscience information infrastructure. Internationally, he was the co-chair of the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Future Data Access and Analysis Architectures ad-hoc team developing strategy for international earth observation information exchange and analysis platforms. Robert has worked for almost two decades in the field of visualisation, spatial information systems and analytics and its application to Earth Science with a focus on ensuring research innovation leads to business innovation.

Dr Woodcock’s current roles include:

  • Project Director, AuScope Grid national geoscience data infrastructure and National Virtual Core Library
  • Project Leader, Earth Data and Analysis, CSIRO Centre for Earth Observation
  • Project Leader, CSIRO Earth Analytics Industry Innovation Hub
  • Vice Chair CEOS Working Group on Information Systems and Services